at school 11The Morim (Early Childhood Master Educators) Project is designed to improve American, Central and Eastern European Jewish Early Childhood Centers by implementing the most current early childhood pedagogic methods; curriculum; and teaching/learning environments.  Towards that end, a five year professional development exchange project between selected Greater Washington Jewish Early Childhood Centers and several Bulgarian, Polish and Romanian  Jewish Early Childhood Centers have been established.With a commitment of five years by these Jewish Early Childhood Centers, for seven days within each academic school year, Jewish Early Childhood Directors/Educators will visit selected Greater Washington Jewish Early Childhood Centers.  These Early Childhood Centers utilize the Reggio Emilia approach and philosophy.Throughout the world, Reggio is considered to be among the most highly recommended early childhood educational format and structure.  By enabling Bulgarian, Polish and Polish Jewish Early Childhood Educators to come to the United States each year for seven days for on-site program and administrative instruction, observation and professional development, the visiting Early Childhood educators will be educated about the framework and educational components needed to implement the Reggio approach in their respective Jewish early childhood centers. Their visit will be followed by Early Childhood Master Educators who will visit their partner Central and Eastern European schools to advance the implementation of this state of the art form of early childhood education.

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