The Limmud Project is the High School student component of SOS International. It is reflective of SOS International being a global education connector between American and European Jewish Day Schools and enables selected students to participate in a bilateral, binational peer student exchange between partner schools.

The project is specifically designed to foster powerful personal and cultural peer relationships and experiences; bring Jewish values to life by means of structured formal and informal educational and social events, activities and programs; deepen and strengthen commitment to Jewish education and identity; develop youth leadership skills; and proactively support vibrancy within the Jewish Community.

In conjunction with the High School Master Educators Morim Project, the Limmud Project advances and enhances Jewish Day School education; encourages conversation and discussion about the goals and objectives of Jewish Day School Education; and provides multiple academic and cultural enrichment opportunities to advance Jewish Day School curricular excellence.

Central to the Limmud Project is the interdisciplinary search for school and life to be connected; Jewish Day School educational relevance; curricular goals and objectives which reflect student multiple intelligences; an enduring understanding of subjects; and address crucially important reality based educational questions High School students consistently struggle to address.

After a vetting of students based on criteria established by each school, 8-10 students are selected for the Limmud Project. In order to facilitate the development of peer relationships, provide cross cultural connections, opportunities for informal interaction, and strengthen Jewish identity through positive peer role models, students live with a host family for 5-6 days.  This enables each student to experience the reality of being Jewish and living Jewish in the host country.

For five days, students are placed in a variety of classes taught in English, Hebrew and Hungarian.  At the conclusion of each school day, students, their hosts and Morim Project teachers experientially learn about the local culture and history; local Jewish culture, history, current events and the safety, security and civil rights of Jewish people; meet with Jewish and non-Jewish leadership and actively engage in a variety of local Jewish community service.

At the conclusion of the seven day Limmud Project experience, the desired outcome is to inspire, motivate and strengthen each High School student’s respective commitment to Jewish education, Jewish identity, Jewish Youth leadership, Judaism and living a Jewish life.

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