Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Vienna and Israel 2012


Shabbat shalom from Zfat

Singing with the heroes

Shabbat Shalom Video

Zumba at Szarvas

3 Responses to Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Vienna and Israel 2012

  1. sheara (orly's Ema) says:

    orly I cant believe that you were in bilke. I have thought about being in bilke all my life trying to imagine the town my father grew up in. I also cant believe that you found the graves of your great great grandparents. wow i cant wait to see your picutres and speak to you about your experiences. EMA ARBIT

    • Anita says:

      I am trying to find information of the town of Bilke. I have come across a relative that has the name bilkey de bilke. I think she may have come from there. I have tried searching the net but have come up with nothing. even contacted the jewish society without success. Does anyone know how to get records of births in the town of Bilke?

  2. Alan Hershman says:

    Orly, I am so proud of you and you must feel good about this wonderful trip to many exciting places including Bilke. I love you. You win the gold medal in my book!

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