Gosia & Olga – Frajda JCC Krakow

Poland Cracow. When these 10 days have passed, I can not say.
A warm welcome at Mara and Fran airport, meeting Dalia and Vanessa, dinner at Fran’s house. And from the beginning of the conversation about our work, about children, about development.
Everyone from SOS International: Bridging Jewish Communities and the EC Morim Project are enthusiasts devoted to their mission without rest. Glynis, Alan, Mara, Fran gave us their heart. In such a short time of our stay. They showed us their work, met with the directors and early childhood teachers. Everyone was open, willing to share their knowledge about the method of  Reggio Emilia, ready to answer every question. We have many conversations, discussions, and reflections on us. Now you have to sit down, sort everything out, plan further activities.
How good it is that I had the pleasure of meeting such people! Thank you.
Of course, this is just the beginning.

And here we are. Last day of 10 days long trip. It was intensive program. But every minute was full of inspiration for me. Thank you Glynis, Mara, Fran and Alan. You show me that everything you want to share wit us you use in practice. No pressure to do everything right now. You understand we need time to see everything what you showed us in our local context. This meetings with pedagogistas and directors gave me wildest point of view. It’s not one good way. We can find another one and it will be also successful. It was huge pleasure and honor to meet SOS International’s staff. Because of you I saw how much I love teach and I met another wonderful women which big passion is teaching. We were strangers 10 days ago. Right now I think we can call ourselves friends. I have a hope it’s only begging of our corporation!

My feelings: It’s very difficult for me write everything I feel in English, Language can be a barrier but I want to share my personal feelings

Thank you for everything. Because of this trip I understood I love to share my knowledge with another people

Every days important for me

Blog 3

Last two days we spent at the JCC Early Childhood Center and also we visited few another preschools. We just opened our Early Childhood Center “Frajda” (it’s 4 months old baby) and we want to create the best program for our children. Because of SOS International: Bridging Jewish Communities we have absolutely amazing opportunity to learn from the best of the best teachers, pedagogistas, directors. We are spending more of our time at Bender JCC of Great Washington Preschool. We can see how their teachers cooperate with kids and how they care about relationship with parents. We know right now that we have similar vision about our “Frajda” and we are going in good direction.

Blog 2

Our group was today on a tour at Washington DC. It is very pretty town. So many historical places. We spent wonderful day exploring city, talking about our kindergartens and listening about history of Washington DC. We had three fantastic tour guides: Glynis, Mara and Alan. We saw Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument, The White House, Old Post Office, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. We had nice, sunny day and tomorrow keep your fingers crossed for us! 🙂
It will be our first day at school 🙂

Blog 1

Today we had the opportunity to be a part of Jewish Early Childhood Education Conference. It was a big pleasure to meet so many teachers with different backgrounds and wonderful speakers who can be an inspiration for many of educators. We couldn’t expect better start for our 10-day long visit. We participated at Mark Horowitz and Dr. Erica Brown’s sessions. After long travel yesterday, we thought this first day will be very difficult for us (after more than 20 hours without sleeping you don’t see yourself in good condition to anything, especially when you should be focused) but we were wrong. Today’s meetings were a big inspiration to us and we learned new things which we will take with us to Poland and we will use in our work with children. Tomorrow is a new day and new experiences waiting for us and we can’t wait to see what this new day will bring.

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