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Gabor and Timi received an overview about the responsibilities of the School Board with Rich Handloff the President of the Board. Timi got some new ideas about celebrating Jewish events from the Director of Jewish Life. Before lunch they had a very inspiring discussion with the students about Antisemitism, Jewish life , Gabor’s and Timi’s Jewish story. The students were really interested in Hungary and asked very good questions from them. Then they had a meeting with the Hungarian Cultural Attache, David Singer, and visited the beautiful JCC.


Timi as Head of the school decoration team had a very useful and interesting meeting with David Solomon. Before lunch Gabor and Timi compared the university enrollment systems and the high school curriculums with the Academic Dean. Gabor discussed the differences of both schools’s IT systems with Ginger Thornton.

In the afternoon they visited the Capitoleum and met with Laura Carey Legislative Fellow. Later the group met woith William Daroff. This meeting was very important and they had a great discussion about the future and the challenges of Jewism.


On Tuesday Gabor and Timi visited the different Minyanim in the school. It was a special experience for both of them. They went to a literature class, where Gabor made an exciting experiment: Edgar Allan Poe’s Raven was read in Hungarian, and the students had to find out who was the poet. It was not an easy task, nobody had the right answer. But it was an interesting meeting with the Hungarian language. The meeting with the Alumni Director was very useful, because Lauder school wants to reconnect with its Alumni. Sue Zuckerman spke about how CES School integrates students with learning difficulties. Later on Gabor and Timi met with the Principal, Rabbi Mitch Malkus with whom they had a great meeting finding lots of similarities between the two schools. Gabor went to speak to students about the structure of time on the Physics lunch. In the afternoon Timi went to discover a real American venue- the Mall. Gabor went to downtown and visited several museums.


This day was very intense both mentally and emotionally. It was the Holocaust Memorial Day in the school. Since for both Gabor and Timi had Holocaust victims and survivors in their family Paul invited them to speak about their family’s tragedy to the students who were really interested in the Holocaust stories.  This year the school focused on the Resistance in the Holocaust and Timi thought it was very important and it was a really great initiative to reflect on the power of Jewish people in the worst period of History. Gabor  was happy to continue his conversation with Mark which they started at Glynis’. It was interesting to compare the management structure of the two schools and it became clear that although in different positions but with the same philosophy they do their jobs.
The group had a great tour in the beautiful school. Gabor was fascinated by the huge space and the rich creative decorations all around the school.
The group has visited the Sunflower bakery and tasted their delicious products in the Cafe of the Federation. Timi was honoured to meet the President of the Federation who told the group about the successful projects they lead to build the Jewish community in Washington DC and it became clear that  the struggle to keep the community alive and prosperous in the long-term is the same struggle in every part of the world.
Gabor has found Avi’s Limmud very interesting and the group in relentless restlessness continued the conversation about how to be exceptional educators during dinner.
It was a very fruitful and a very inspiring and day looking forward to the next!


After our rainy arrival and warm welcome from Glynis on Saturday, we had the perfect American dining experience in Silver Diner, where we had the best milkshakes in the world. We had a great weather on Sunday, when we finally met Alan and we have visited the most important tourist venues in Washington DC. For Timi one of the best experiences was to have lunch in front of a Chagall mosaic in the Park. For Gabor  meeting his intellectual father -Einstein was the most memorable part of the day. Of course the visit of the memorials of all those great men who made America great was very touching. The highlight of the day was the visit at Glynis’. We had the warmest welcome dinner and finally everyone could meet his master educator partner.

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