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Blog 2

Today I had my 1st lesson where I helped  Daniela in the USA. It was brilliant. She explained to them a few things about our labs and then we helped them to be safe during making labs. It was great to see how her students are interested in learning.  After this lesson I observed Nick Miller’s Biology lesson which was also great. He taught about chromosomes. Children were so interested in it although they were younger than our students when they learn about it for the first time. They had a lot of clever questions. Then Mr. Miller and I had a lovely conversation but unfortunately I had to go quickly to another lesson. He is a really good teacher and a really nice man, I would like to keep in touch also with Mr. Miller like Daniela. Actually I missed the beginning of Physics lesson so I was a bit confused what was going on. 🙂

Then we had lunch with a parent who was born in Hungary.

Daniela promised me to take me to a museum, finally Cili and Ildi joined us too and it was such a nice experience to get to Kusama’s exhibition.

This day was my most tiring one but I also got so much experience.

Blog 1

We took off on 22th of April at 7 o’clock in the morning and we landed around 14:30. Our flight was quite long but it was also nice, actually I felt it shorter, than it was. Glynis was waiting for us at the airport and she took us to a typical American restaurant called Silver Diner. Daniela surprised us because she joined us for a short conversation. I went to bed after half past nine because Daniela told us it would make easier our next day.

Saturday was a great day. We went to sightseeing so we could see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington memorial, the White House and so on. We had lunch in a nice park in front of a Chagall painting. In the evening we were invited to Glynis’s home for BBQ. It was also a great experience to participate in a real American BBQ. The food was excellent and it was nice to see again our teaching partners.

Today morning everything went so slow. We had to wait so long for our breakfast, I even couldn’t eat it in the hotel because we had to leave but our bus driver was nowhere, so we were worried because we didn’t want to be late on our first day in the school. But finally everything went well and everybody was realy nice to us. We watched the Holocaust Memorial which was realy dignified. Than we took a look around the building. It was realy useful, we got inspiration how to continue improving our school but we also realised our school is much smaller so it quite hard to find place for all nice ideas.  I observed a few lessons. All of lessons were so instructive. I watched a lesson where children talked about resistor. They were really clever and patient, it was nice to see that kind of conversation. I also watched a lesson where Daniela explained some new things and then children had to teach each other. After school we visited Sunflower Bakery which was also nice experience. We had a lovely dinner in a Kosher restaurant.

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