EC Morim Project April 2018

Krakow, Poland

Since the end of World War II, the very first Krakow Jewish Early Childhood Center opened in September 2017. This amazing and miraculous Jewish Early Childhood Center is named Frajda (Joy). Malgorzata Pustul (Gosia)is the Director.  With a staff of three teachers, Frajda now has 14 children.

The entire second floor of the JCC Krakow is solely dedicated to the Early Childhood Center. All four primary rooms are painted in a neutral color and there is natural light in all rooms. The entrance, kitchen and bathroom are beautiful.  Each room has a designated programmatic purpose and easily accommodates a variety of activities. Despite having a space shortage, no other JCC department can use this space for any event, activity or program.  This clearly demonstrates the JCC administration commitment to Frajda.

SOS International, JCC Krakow and Frajda have established a five year partnership.

The Early Childhood Morim Project is one of the four primary SOS International Projects which enriches next generation Jewish identity and values through international exchanges. Going forward, SOS International is very excited about working with the JCC Krakow, the Krakow Jewish Community and assisting Frajda grow and develop.


Sofia, Krakow

Eight years ago, Gan Balagan, the Sofia Jewish Early Childhood Center began with 4 children.  Today the school has 70 children enrolled and occupies three floors of the five story Sofia Jewish Community Center. Every floor of the school is filled with the wonderful sounds and voices of energetic children who are the future of the Sofia Jewish Community.

Beti Gershon is the Director and has a teaching staff of 14 teachers and assistants.

SOS International and Gan Balagan have established a five year partnership. For the next five years, the Early Childhood Morim Project will provide bi-lateral, bi-national professional development, onsite coaching and modeling and ongoing curricular and administrative advice, guidance and support.

SOS International very much looks forward to deepening and strengthening our personal and professional relationship with Gan Balagan and the Sofia Jewish Community.

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