EC Morim Project 2017

Vanessa Cameron -Gan Balagan, Sofia, Bulgaria.
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Dalia Golda – Gradinita Gan Eden, Bucharest, Romania
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Gosia Pustul & Olga Danek – Frajda JCC Krakow, Poland
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Can it have been just 10 days ago that Fran and I stood at the airport needing a sign for you to find us? And we had no idea who you were as you stepped out of customs. I think we have all “found “each other! We shared and amazing and intimate 10 days and for evermore will be in each other minds, hearts and souls. I thank all of you, from both sides of the ocean, for making this such an amazing week full of hope and promise for the future. I did not pay attention to this when we took the photo but notice the key in my hand. Now, each of you also hold the key. I look forward to opening many more doors with all of you.
With love and appreciation for all that you are doing,
Mara Bier

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