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Blog 4

We started the Thursday with Zman Kodesh with Liz. We had a great conversation with kids. We discussed the cultural differences between Hungary and USA. They asked many questions about the education, extra-curricular activities in Budapest. We need Zman Kodesh at Lauder! I vote for it!

I hope my lessons on famous Hungarian immigrants to USA and on Hungarian culture, traditions also were useful for American children.I taught them some Hungarian words also.

During lunch in the meeting with Singer Dávid the cultural attache of Hungarian Embassy we had a good presentation about the relationship of USA with our country.

The Jewish Community Center is very similar to our Bálint Ház: there you can do any sport activity, swimming, jogging, zumba, yoga …

Blog 3

Today I taught the 10-graders on Wallenberg. They worked in groups on different tasks before the watching our film.: Seeking the Righteous One.

I was satisfied with their enthusiasm and after the lessons they asked me about Hungary, antisemitism, school, my students.

I also had 2 observation lessons also: literature and History. I really enjoyed the use of Google-classroom. I would like to do it in my classes at Lauder. It’s an easy way of E-journal, moodle courses at Lauder, the combination of these 2 things.

The students use their laptops, google-materials and they can study the historical sources alone or in pairs. I was delighted to listen their discussions on literature, Great Depression, Roosevelt’s New Deal.

At the end of lesson we did again the Kahoot quiz: BRAVO JDS kids!

In the afternoon we visited the Capitol, we watched the film on American History,then could walk in Assembly Hall, and met a Maryland Senator’s  assistant.

We were lucky because the guide led us to the sculpture of Great Hungarian Politician, Kossuth Lajos.

Blog 2

On Tuesday we started the day with the literature lesson. We could share some poems of Hungarian poets and writers. It was excellent to find the trailer of the movie “White king”. It was based on György Dragomán’s novel.

I was surprised that the children are reading many famous novels by Camus, Balzac.Well done JDS students!

After that I had 2 lessons, the 1-st one was on Famous Hungarians with Mike Connell, the other one was on Wallenberg.

I would emphasize the students’ politeness, they paid attention to the tasks I gave them.

I hope that in my school later we can use only laptops in the lessons.

And 1 more thing: the voices instead of bell is magnificent.

In the afternoon we visited the Hirshorn Museum the new exhibition: Kusama’s paintings.

Blog 1

We arrived on 22-nd of April to USA for our Big Experience with Glynis and Alan.

We had a heavy rain , but we were really excited to meet our partner teachers.

In the 1-st evening we had a great American experience, had dinner in the Silver Diner, had a typical American food.

On Saturday we went for the sightseeing, visited the Lincoln Memorial,Washington memorial, the beautiful parks, and walked a lot.

The lunch was opposite a Chagall painting!!Unbelievable!

The dinner at Glynis’ house was perfect with the foods, drinks, warm  hospitality.

24-th April-our 1-st day at school!

It was a Holocaust Memorial Day. In the big hall we had been invited to the students’ presentation on the Resistance during the Holocaust. I was proud that they mentioned Szenes Hanna and Elli Wiesel’s names, also. Rebecca Tettelbaum’s cookery book was interesting for me, because in Hungary we have a same story. Endrei Hedvig, who was a Holocaust survivor also collected  recipes during the Holocaust.

The tour at school was interesting and useful: Dear Ben, thank you for the exhibition, we were suprised and happy.

After that I had observing in Natalie’s lessons. I was impressed how many interesting sources they used in the lessons.They discussed the historical events together.

The Sunflower bakery was a great surprise for me. These children make a great effort to become  pastry cooks. We could taste different cakes with a big mug of coffee.


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