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Blog 4

Observation lesson with Yaffa Dagoni, level-4. They surprised me with Hungarian sentences. Every kid told me 1 word or sentence in Hungarian.In the 1-st 10 minutes they practiced for Yom Haacmaut.

The teacher connected this day with Israeli food.

The children had to think about 3 words which are about Israel, they spoke about Israeli inventions, she showed them pictures about the inventions.

They did a small review about the new materials, learned yesterday. They played online. At the end of the lesson they practiced for the competition.

In our last meeting in the theater hall the Israeli children performed for the Yom Haacmaut.

It was very emotional, hearing them singing my favorite song.

Blog 3

We spent 15 minutes with the children during the Zman Kodesh. Cili prepared some Hungarian pieces of music:  Quimby, the Hungarian Oscar-prized short film: Sing, Fischer Ivan’s Festival Orchestra.

At the beginning the children were very silent, they didn’t show us any interest, but after starting the communication with them, they became curious and active. We asked them to show us their favourite American songs. Even they wrote the titles of them on the board.

Ruben was very helpful and kind to us.

Observation lesson with Talya Edery: The kids worked in pairs, the question was what their favourite present was.They were happy in this lesson and excited, they exercised online for the tomorrow test.

I haven’t seen this method which I might use it in the future in my school.

Lesson with Ortal:

We spoke about heroes and we let them think about the heroes in the world, they worked in groups and started to discuss who might be the hero for them.

After talking about the heroes I gave them the live story about Hanna Szenes, they had to read it and we emphasized what information is important for them.

They shared their thoughts with each other. At the end of the lesson we listened to the poem was written by Hanna.

Blog 2

At the observation of the Hebrew lesson the teacher Hani Abo-Awad and the children were very cooperative.

They learned about the food, and I really enjoyed their playing: they ordered food in a restaurant. They then practiced  for Jom Haacmaut.

Hebrew lesson-level 6+level-8 with Ortal:
I had a possibility with Ortal to cooperate in her lessons. We spoke about Hungary, about Lauder school and about Hebrew teaching.
The children asked me lots of questions and compared their studies, education with Hungarian school system.
They continued learning about the Holocaust started yesterday. I helped the children in the understanding of the  text.
We saw a video together and spoke about the message that the film was talking about.

I had a perfect day together with my brilliant partner colleague.

Blog 1

I was very happy to meet my new colleague, Ortal. She was very kind and very helpful, since the 1st moment she was very opened to me.I had an opportunity to be in the Hebrew lesson of our 1-st day.The children were very polite and curious about our Holocaust Memorial Day.

Ortal explained to me how she teaches Hebrew in her school and I learned a lot from her and will copy her methods in my lessons in Hungary.

At the end of the day we talked about the lessons that we are going to teach together in different group levels.

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