SOS International

SOS International is a 501(c) (3) not for profit global education connector between specific American and Central/Eastern European Jewish organizations and communities which provides structured educational, social and community service mentorship programs for Jewish Day School master educators, Jewish Day School High School students, Jewish Studies and Communal Service undergraduates/graduates, college undergraduates/graduates and adults. These experiential life transformative programs have been led by Rabbi Joel and Aviva Tessler, Beth Sholom Congregation, Potomac, Maryland. SOS projects promote a sense of global Jewish Peoplehood; encourage global Jewish connection and responsibility for one another; strengthen personal and community Jewish identity, values, culture and heritage; foster greater cultural interaction; support Central and Eastern European Jewish community renewal; link educators for personal and professional enrichment; offer new educational programs and pedagogic methods and provide educational supplies and materials.

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By partnering American Jewish organizations and communities with existing European Jewish organizations and communities, SOS International provides a symbiotic integrative system that together forms a dynamic, organic approach to mitigate European Jewish educational and communal issues.  At the same time that SOS International works to address European Jewish community challenges, it provides uniquely customized experiences and opportunities for American Jews.SOS International is specifically dedicated to establishing an international network of American Jews partnering with European Jews through uniquely customized interactions between educators, students and adult volunteers. Our vision for Jews teaching and learning with other Jews throughout the world providing education, community service, human resources, Jewish leadership development and support for Jewish Community renewal will no doubt contribute to a greatly improved global Jewish life.

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