Thursday evening – Arline D U

Tonight we had the privilege of dining at the Galil kosher restaurant and meeting with Dr. Sebastian Rejak,  the special Envoy to the Jewish Diaspora, Polish Ministry of Affairs.  His topic was Poland , Polish Jewry and the diaspora. He spoke of his goal of strengthening and developing relationships with the West and their leaders. Even with a new government he feels there is support for this initiative. Talked about Jews as a minority, as a religious entity, and an ethnic minority. He is optimistic and also a realist. Issue of kosher slaughter came up and the courts interpreted the Polish constitution to allow it.

Freedom of religion, conscience, and expression according to Polish constitution. No law on anti-Semitism, but law say anti-religious action is against the law.

Holocaust education is mandatory with a short section on what Judaism is.

There is renewed interest in Judaism by young folks, both Jews who have just found out about their family connection to Judaism and by Polish people themselves

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