Friday as shared by Bob

Today’s presentations by Charge d’affaires Goodfriend of the United States Embassy and later by Israel Ambassador to Hungary Ilan Mor were truly outstanding.   They both provided a detailed historical perspective and highlighted past, present and future events.  They also addressed our many questions and provided insightful and helpful answers and explanations.  Hungary is a complicated country with various tensions.  Conversing with these two diplomats was an extraordinarily interesting and meaningful experience.

In between the two diplomatic sessions, we embarked on a walking tour of Buda where we visited the remains of a medieval synagogue and saw other historic sites.  It was a bright, sunny day with unusually warm weather.  On the way back to Pest where our hotel is located, we walked over the famous Chain Bridge, where we not only marveled at the Danube and its surrounding grand buildings but also enjoyed feeling the rays of the sun and the city’s underlying hustle and bustle.
A great walk and day.

Shabbat is rapidly approaching and some in the group are now shopping, working out, or just relaxing.  Soon we will be celebrating shabbat with the local Jewish community.

So I am signing off now and wishing all of you a good Shabbos!

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  3. Løperene var kjempekule! Synes det er fint med slike farger, for som du sier, så kan man variere med lys og slikt oppå!Bilde var og kjempeflott!

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