Final Note From Aviva and Rabbi Tessler

Dear SOS Parents and Teens,

It is a peculiar feeling to wake up this morning without the responsibility of knocking on doors, asking nicely for teens to wake up, as well as not nicely asking for teens to wake up and not to be stepping up on to a bus with a roll call using the words of Hatikva.  We simply miss our kids! 

Thank you parents and thank you teens for the privilege, and yes, also for those challenges that we faced over the last three weeks.   The intensity of our chesed activities, our travel and our discussions together facilitated some of the most incredibly meaningful experiences that will, we believe, remain  permanent positive imprints for all of us.  By the end of the trip it felt like we were working as if we were the composite of one person.  There was a united rhthym to our chesed and to our travels.

I wanted to let everyone know that I went to Jacob Hendali’s home yesterday and picked up the remainder of books for those who did not receive them when he spoke to us at the Hotel.  Please remind me who did not receive his book and I will get one to you. 

I am attaching Dani Folkman’s blog entry from Tisha Ba’av.  It is the last SOS entry.  It expresses so much.  Thank you Dani.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.  Take some time to look at the pictures and read the blogs at:  A big thank you goes to Glynis Smith who helped with keeping everything organized as well as to maintaining the website.

I also want to formally thank Doug and Carolyn Greene from Potomac who have stepped forward to help subsidize the cost of the SOS Program so that children from all parts of the world can benefit from the winning combination of doing chesed, learning Torah and Jewish History with having a crazy amount of fun.  They are pillars who are holding the world up for all of us.

Please keep in touch for we miss all of our SOS kids very much,

 Aviva and Rabbi Tessler


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