August 4, 2011

Yael Green – Thursday, August 4, 2011 (a girl’s perspective)

The voice of Aviva singing with Cher on an Ipod woke us up in the morning to start our day. The adventures began with eating breakfast at Bnai Dan Youth Hostel in Tel Aviv. After a nice Israeli breakfast, we headed south to do sports activities at Ein Ha’shlosha, which is a dorm living for children with special needs. Once we got there, we meet up with Sderot teens to help with the sports activities. After an introduction between the SOS group and the Sderot teens, we split into groups and played games with the special needs kids. After about 30 minutes of games the groups came together for water activities, temporary tattoos, and for some interacting with one other. While a lot of people were giving great tattoos, the line for me kept on getting longer and longer. After a fun morning we went on a surprise visit to Sderot, where we saw the new memorial for all the terror victims, and many of the rockets at the city’s police department.  One of the teens from Sderot shared the story of how her family experienced a rocket attack. 

After a great visit to Sderot we had a cash lunch, and continued on to Be’er Sheva to visit Avaid‘s army base. Once we got to the Army base, we got settled in our cabin-like rooms, which was good news since we were supposed to stay in tents. After Avaid gave a quick overview of the new gun the army has we went to see the shooting range that they use and we saw a demonstration of a soldier shooting.  When we got back to the base we went to the chedar ochel were we had a snack before the big activity that everyone was dreading. When we were putting away our plates all of a sudden a big, strong soldier came in, and yelled “all the boys get outside now”. Watching all the boys run outside with a terrified look on their face’s made the girls even more nervous for their part in the training. After the girls finished clearing the table they waited to find out what their army training experience was going to be, the girls had to run about 1 km, do some pushups, climb a rope, and pull ourselves up. All of this could not at all be compared to what the guys did, all of the girls were so proud of all the boys on our trip for doing what they did. After a long tough night we went out with some soldiers to a mall and had dinner. After a fun night out we came back and talked for a little.  Everyone fell straight to sleep, even Sammy slept on the ground outside. Overall it was a great experience and I think everyone ended up having a fun time.

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