August 1, 2011

Flight  to Israel  and 1st day in Israel  – Linor Shemesh

After two weeks in Greece it is the time to move on and go to Israel for the second part of the trip. After our last dinner with Rabbi Mendel at the Chabad house the night before, we got to the hotel and packed all of our bags on the bus and started on our way to the airport. When we got to the airport everyone checked in and all the bags went through. No one was overweight!  After some people went through security, some of us stayed around and looked in the shops. We all boarded the small plane. The plane ride was about 2 and a half hours long.

We got to Israel!!  It was about 5 am. We went through passport control and collected all of our luggage. We went to look for our Keshet representative. When we found him he took us to the bus, everyone was tired.  When we got on the bus everyone went to sleep because we had about 2 hours until we reached Kibbutz Lavi. When we got to the Kibbutz, once we checked in we had the chance to eat breakfast and rest before we go and start our day.

We left the hotel around 10 am and went for a visit at Oz 77. This is where the end of the 6 day War took place.  They have a few tanks that stay there so that everyone remembers the importance of the place.   We watched a movie about the 6 day war and then had our first “cash lunch” this means that everyone gets 35 Shekels from Keshet to spend on lunch. You have to pair up with someone so that means that you have 70 shekels between the two of you. If you don’t spend everything it’s okay you can keep the change. So we had our cash lunch in Katzrin, there were a lot of choices for lunch, Yael Green and I choose to have falafel, but others had pizza and other things.

We then headed to the Jordan River for rafting. Each raft had 6 people in it.  I was in a raft with Yael Green, Rabbi Tessler, Aviva, Laura, and Aviad.   Well we started that way. Soon, Aviad went out of the boat to swim with all the other boys that were swimming.  Some of the girls also went swimming.  The boys tried to flip our raft but we were strong and stayed on the boat. After a little bit my raft was alongside Jesse’s raft with Noah Horn and Yoni in it. I made an exciting move and jumped from my raft to Jesse’s raft. Their raft was running out of air but no one was trying to flip their boat so i was safe for a little bit of time. After some time I was bored and jumped back to my boat. Then my boat and Jesse’s boat were racing to the end. Of course my boat won! Everyone else including Yael Greenberg, Dani, Noah S, Rebecca, Sammy, Rubin, Daniel, and Aviad all came in one raft. Once everyone got to the end we took a bus to where we started. On the bus we had a performance by Rabbi Tessler and Aviva.

When we got back to the starting place two jeeps were waiting for us. Dani did not go on a jeep because it hurts her back so she stayed back with Aviva. In my jeep there was Yael Green, Aviad, Rebecca, Laura, and Noah Horn. Rabbi Tessler was sitting next to our driver Yoav. He was an amazing driver he drove super fast and it was great we were always a head of the other jeeps. We ended in a different place and the bus was waiting for us and we had some time to get some ice cream.

We got on the bus and headed to the hotel for the night and had dinner at the hotel. Goodnight.

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