July 27, 2011

Wednesday July 27 – Corfu

By Noah Horn 

After a fun filled night of shopping, most of the SOS’ers collapsed into a deep sleep at our Corfu hotel…Unfortunately, most of the group overslept by an hour, so both the davening and unappealing hotel breakfast was slightly rushed. We took some artsy pictures of Yael, Dani, Aviad, Yoni, and myself, (thanks Pam Pam J) we then boarded our bus, touring both the Achilion Palace and the old synagogue in Corfu. Fortunately, our group had the rest of the day to wind down and relax. Although our bus driver took us to a beach, we were disappointed to find it had no sand but rocks instead. (is there any sand in Corfu???) Our time at the beach was spent swimming, boating, hanging and German rummy- cubing (ah, good times…). We drove to the port, dropped off our suitcases and hung out in the cruise terminal until our departure at 10:45 PM. The ship itself was unexpectedly gargantuan, giving the impression that it would indeed be a very exciting long night. The cruise was beautiful. We then ate some dinner which was made by the Rabbi and Aviva. Overall this day as well as all the others, truly maximized the positive feelings of this trip.

Oh, there is a reward for anyone not on the trip who can guess who the mystery energy addict on the cruise was. ™ 


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